Our Team


Solomon Olshin -Shine Founder and Executive Director

Solomon is a junior at the Catlin Gabel School.  He is passionate about technology, innovation, product design, and community service and focuses on interfacing these.  Solomon founded and is the Executive Director of Shine. He co-founded and led the JuiceBox Project during its development at Catlin, and serves as Catlin's Community Engineering WashPod Project Manager.  


Anjali Haripriyan - JuiceBox Project Director


(Founding Member)

Anjali is a current junior at Catlin Gabel and is interested in solar technology specifically to help her community's homeless and houseless individuals. Anjali joined InvenTeam as a sophomore to bring sustainable energy to the houseless population of Portland and to encourage younger women to get engaged in STEM. Anjali co-founded JuiceBox, and continues to work with the community to provide sustainable light and power to houseless Portlanders. Anjali is excited to join Shine as a founding member.


Annika Holliday - Secretary and Treasurer


Description coming soon.

Arman Asgharzadeh

Arman Asgharzadeh - Director of JuiceBox Improvement


(Founding Member)

Arman is a Junior at the Catlin Gabel School. Beginning in September of 2016, Arman has been involved in JuiceBox design and production, and continues his work with JuiceBox as a part of Shine. 


Layton Rosenfeld

Layton is currently a junior at Catlin Gabel. She has mainly worked on outreach for the JuiceBox project and hopes to learn more about engineering and product design in the future. Outside of school she enjoys soccer, baking, tennis, and watermelon. Layton is excited to join Shine as a founding member.


(Jere)Miah Lemelson - Director of Communications and Media

Jeremiah attends the Catlin Gabel School, and is currently a junior.  He has worked on the Juicebox Project and been a member of Shine since 2017, and is now committed to Shine in and outside of school. In his free time, he loves to read, write, play Ultimate Frisbee, and study jazz guitar and theory with his music teacher. Jeremiah is excited to join Shine this year as director of communications and media. 

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Robert McMonies - Director of JuiceBox Research and Development


Robert is a Junior at the Catlin Gabel School and has been attending since Kindergarten. He is passionate about government, law, science, and the arts. He has worked on the JuiceBox project since the beginning of 2017. He is continuing his commitment to JuiceBox and Shine outside of school. He is a leader of the Geopolitical Club at Catlin Gabel, a member of the Mock Trial Team, and a Varsity Tennis player. Robert is excited to continue working with Shine since helping found it.


Tyler Nguyen - (Founding Member)

Tyler is a fantastic teammate, but his description isn't complete yet. Check back soon!

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