Mobile shower facility for People Transitioning out of homelessness off-grid


Hybrid power: Solar + Propane

Shine members engineered this prototype hybrid shower system to pump, filter, and heat water while running an exhaust fan and lights on the interior of a ShowerPod.

We source our solar panels from Grape Solar in Eugene, Oregon and use a high-efficiency instant propane water heater to help ShowerPod function reliably and efficiently in the winter months.


Why ShowerPod?

For residents of off-grid tiny house communities, it is often challenging and time consuming to stay clean and healthy.

ShowerPod helps to restore dignity and confidence in people working to lift themselves upwards.


wHERE is Showerpod?

ShowerPod is currently situated at Hazelnut Grove, a village of houseless individuals in North Portland, OR.

We have worked directly with residents to integrate its systems into a full-service bath house in operation since 2017.


Next for ShowerPod?

ShowerPod is Shine's first prototype off-grid hygiene facility. Since its creation, we have developed WashPod and begun work on WashPod 2.0.

As we integrate evolving battery and energy generation technologies into our newest systems, we are using feedback from the users of ShowerPod to improve our products.