Mobile showers for the Houseless

A ShowerPod is an affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly mobile shower "pod" for use by houseless Portlanders.


Hybrid power: Solar + Propane

We engineered a hybrid shower system to pump, filter, and heat water while running an exhaust fan and lights on the interior of a ShowerPod. We source our solar panels from Grape Solar in Eugene, Oregon and use high-efficiency instant propane water heater to help ShowerPods function reliably and efficiently.


Who are houseless people?

A houseless person, unlike a homeless person, is someone who lives in a safe, insulated shelter, but still lacks typical, modern necessities like electricity, electric light, and running water.


wHERE is Showerpod USED?

ShowerPod is currently situated at Hazelnut Grove, a village of houseless individuals in North Portland. They are partnering with us as we design, refine, and build more ShowerPods!



The ShowerPod you see above is Shine's first prototype. Houseless villages in Portland lack hot, running water for showers, and we hope you will help us build more ShowerPods by visiting the Donate page.